A curated guide to artists and projects of note at the intersection of design and technology. Assembled by Roberto Brambila.


Brendan Dawes /

The first time I attended the Sundance Film Festival, I happened onto Brendan's spectacular installation "Local Murmurs" at the AirBnB Haus. Ever since, I've been a follower of his work — from his inspiring film data visualizations like Cinema Redux (acquired by MoMa) to his open-source Plastic Player which is a beautiful analog interface for streaming music. Dawes' shares a lot of his insight and thinking through his aptly named blog, Process, and maintains the limited shop Produced For Use.


  • Netflix: Our Planet (Installation) / from Active Theory / Cool breakdown of this installation that uses projection-mapped fabric and depth sensing (via Kinect) as an interaction to control video playback.
  • Mimus, the Curious Industrial Robot / from atonaton / Love Madeline Gannon's work with industrial robots. Mimus uses an openFrameworks control layer to interpret the world around her through sensors that allow her to look for the "most interesting person in the room".
  • facebook / from Handson / A book whose story unfolds as you turn the pages — using facial recognition it pulls search data in real-time to turn you into the protagonist.
  • Oriens / from Cao Yuxi / A large scale, immersive installation that uses projection mapping and audio to place the viewer within Yuxi's concept of a blackhole.