A curated guide to artists and projects of note at the intersection of design and technology. Assembled by Roberto Brambila.


Danil Krivoruchko /

One of my all-time favorite sci-fi books is Peter Watts' Blindsight— I was stunned when I saw this jaw-dropping teaser trailer by Danil (much more on that project here). After diving deeper into his VFX and Design work, I noticed he started exploring real-time and immersive technologies as well — with projects like NYC Flow and his latest experiments in the AR. Very much looking forward to his perspective on new media, follow him on IG to keep up.


  • Reality Lab Lecture: Jessica Brillhart / from UW Reality Labs / A film pioneer in the VR space, Jessica Brillhart, expands on three brilliant projects in the mixed-reality industry - from stereoscopic 360VR to audio AR and into convolutional networks.
  • AR Wall Mural / from ustwo / As a huge fan of using AR to create tangible interactions between physical reality and the digital layer, I love this minimal, artistic use for IG/FB created by the ustwo team.
  • Interview: Zoe Sandoval / from Elburz / A great interview of installation artist Zoe Sandoval where she talks about her MFA thesis project {remnants} of a {ritual}.