A curated guide to artists and projects of note at the intersection of design and technology. Assembled by Roberto Brambila.


Justin Gitlin /

I first came across Justin through his work for Hovercraft, specifically this amazing transparent-LCD installation for Nike. He is a creative coder and installation artist with an impressive breadth of work, much of it centered around his mastery of Processing. Justin shares a lot of his explorations through Github and his Creative Coding Notes are an awesome reference. See more of his sketches on his IG.


  • Into The Spider-Verse / from SideFX / I'm obsessed with the art direction, animation, cinematography.. okay, everything about this movie— That said, I was blown away when I read that Imageworks used machine learning through Python in Houdini to create some of the 2d ink linework.
  • HoloLens 2 / from Microsoft / The marketing seems to be much more heavily focused on practical applications (disrupting business), but I'm sure we can find a way to break that (read: Kinect hacking). The device itself remains, hands-down, the most beautiful product design in its category.
  • CTRL-kit / from Ctrl-labs / Excited for the potential of this neural hardware kit, especially in installations— use your brain to finely control interactive elements. Not as cool as this though.
  • LITHO / from Purple Tambourine / Another exciting, though simpler, tactile input device for enabling physical interactivity. Love it!