A curated guide to artists and projects of note at the intersection of design and technology. Assembled by Roberto Brambila.


David Braun /

David is a real-time artist with an impressive body of work executed at the interactive giant, Leviathan. A true software engineer, he is constantly pushing the limits of TouchDesigner by implementing algorithms and tools that bend the engine. He graciously shares an enormous amount of those explorations on GitHub. You can see more on his IG.


  • Responsive Potential / from FIELD / An interactive light installation commissioned by Microsoft that seeks to physically visualize "the Azure cloud".
  • Deep Learning AR Puppets / from 2020CV / Super exciting demo that shows off the potential of machine learning with mobile AR. Available soon as a camera filter, I'm sure.
  • AI.lab / from Microsoft / Really cool series of open source AI projects across different usages, from intelligent robotics to generative storytelling, that you can learn from and demo.