A curated guide to artists and projects of note at the intersection of design and technology. Assembled by Roberto Brambila.


Jessica In /

Jessica is an amazing architect, artist and teacher whose work explores the boundaries of physical and digital interaction. Her latest project, NORAA, exemplifies this perfectly— a playful installation designed to train a machine to learn through physical interaction. She has a great series of creative coding challenges that you can explore on her @shedrawswithcode IG.


  • Boss-ness... / Interview with Michelle Higa of Slanted Studios— an aspirational design/creative technology studio. 
  • GROW 2018 Talks / from GROW Paris / An awesome collection of talks from this year's conference, centered around creative coding.
  • Pixel Spirit / from Patricio Gonzalez Vivo / A beautiful, educational deck of cards in a progression-based teaching format that helps you learn GLSL as it unfolds the mysteries of the universe.. or something like that. Really cool concept.