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Sprint, by Jake Knapp

One of the most recommended readings from friends in the UI/UX world, Sprint (Amazon) leads you through a 5-day design challenge to quickly prototype and validate a product hypothesis. Developed and refined over years at Google and various startups, the book covers the process for running your own sprint with plenty of real-world examples and anecdotes from companies across various industries including software, hospitality, and retail.

One of my favorite things about the book is the insights learned by the author through running countless iterations and how it shaped the final form of what became the iconic sprint challenge. This book has been helpful in formalizing my own general approach to creative brainstorming — I use a faster, streamlined version I cheekily call Bolt! for developing independent side projects that have become everything from short stories to 3D visuals and interactive prototypes.


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Product Design Resources

As part of this current journey, I'll be documenting useful resources (books, articles, talks) on product design. My aim is for most entries to have their own expanded post where I jot down my notes.

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