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Cycler: Kickoff

The initial idea for Cycler came from a web developer who was looking to learn iOS development by creating a bicycle workout tracker. His goal for the app was for a no-fuss quickstart to each workout and the ability to see a live map update of his current path. The following screenshots are from the basic working prototype he had built using Swift & UIKit, prior to me joining the project.

New Beginnings

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The first independent side project I'm working on in my journey into product design is a collaboration with a developer on an iOS app. I'll be designing, developing and documenting the UX/UI process: from the mindmapping to the prototyping and testing through the initial release into the App Store. The goal is to gain practical experience and leverage that into new, exciting opportunities (call me, maybe).

Exciting caveat: Neither of us have ever developed an app or even worked in Swift/SwiftUI before. I'm an art director with a background in motion design, he's a full-stack web developer.

So, what is it?

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