Creative Director, Developer & Designer.

Commissioned for the annual Empowering Youth Seattle luncheon, 2018.

This playful triptych of interactive touch walls with projection-mapped animations created an exciting way to cast a vote.


When the College Success Foundation reached out to me for this project, I knew exactly what it would take to make school fun again—9ft Scantrons meet Vaporwave aesthetics. For this playful "test", I took the idea of a voting wall and turned it into a charming interactive game. 

As a solo project, I tackled everything from concept to illustration and programming in about two weeks. The designs were printed in color on 1/2" appleply wood. I embedded touch-capacitive sensors and a wireless Arduino MKR onto each wall. This communicated to a mini-pc handling the interaction and projection mapping output.

In Unity, I built the simple game mechanics by creating a procedural voting system that I re-used for each wall. Each vote generated a custom particle that reacted to forces (gravity, attraction) and collisions. For the illustrations, I had to code a custom collision mesh because of the organic forms (the particles would not visually interact correctly with just a Circle collider).

Three Spout camera's fed the output from Unity into TouchDesigner to be composited (with the other procedural animations) and projection mapped onto the physical walls. I also handled the Arduino input here and relayed the messaging back to Unity via OSC.


Creative Director—Roberto Brambila
Executive Producer—Nate Barr

Development/Design/Illustration—Roberto Brambila
Producer—Mallory Richey
Case Study Video Edit/Direction—Felipe Marmolejo

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