Creative Director & Developer

Commissioned for a United Nations General Assembly even in New York, 2017. Adapted for private acquisition in 2018.

This was an amazing opportunity to turn a data-dense powerpoint presentation into an engaging experience.


I was tasked with revamping a traditional presentation about the progress of the world in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York. With a few notable individuals like Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Malala Yousafzai in attendance. No biggie. 

For this, we crafted a set of four 40"x30" physical books with interactive capabilities that respond to touch and page turns. Each book had unique content that we designed and animated. We projected and mapped the visuals onto the blank pages in real-time.

After landing on this specific direction, I spent over four months on research, development and design of the entire installation— hardware, software, fabrication, design, animation and set design ideation. The final build runs off a custom TouchDesigner project that manages Arduino's, embedded sensors, infrared, a custom computer vision program written in Python and real-time playback of the animations.


Creative Director—Roberto Brambila
Executive Producer—Nate Barr

Development—Roberto Brambila, Ben Chaykin, Ross Monroe
Design/Illustration—Roberto Brambila, Jay Bryant, Victor Melendez, Shabazz Larkin
Animation—Brody Davis, Ashley Nieves
Book Fabrication—Jason Puccinelli
Set Fabrication—PBJS
Case Study Video Edit/Direction—Felipe Marmolejo

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