Technical Director/DP & Designer.

Live-action documentary series developed for 360VR, 2016.

I started exploring 360VR filmmaking when it was in a much more primitive, DIY hobbyist state. Pouring through a few helpful French photography forums and Google-Translating documentation from a "startup software" company (which has now become globally ubiquitious with VR) I was able to put together my first 3D-printed 360VR rig. 

To understand the workflow, I shot a short proof-of-concept holiday video that we shared with clients. It was a great testing ground for implementing and considering graphics, multiple shot types (car, walking, etc), and editing style. We put together a nice gift bag with customized Google Cardboard's and a card with a QR code that launched the experience.

This directly led to the amazing opportunity to spearhead a 360VR live-action documentary series for Bill Gates. As the technical director, I flew around the world to capture and document the philanthropic efforts of Bill and his buddies for the Gates Notes. 

Below are my favorites from the series, including Bill with his best friend Warren Buffet! (Be sure to pan around the video if you're viewing them on desktop)


Directors—Brad Abrahams, Daniel Addelson
Executive Producer—Nate Barr

Technical Direction/DP—Roberto Brambila, E. Ryan McMackin
Design/Animation—Roberto Brambila, Jonathan Baab
Edit—Felipe Marmolejo

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