Creative Director & Developer

A 3D projection-mapping and interactive content installation. Commissioned for the NHL Seattle Visitor Center, 2019.

Animated 3D visuals and addressable LED lighting help sell a new experience for the iconic KeyArena stadium.


I led a small team that developed the interactive, 3D projection-mapped installation for the NHL Seattle Visitor Center. As a complete system it features different content playback modes, a projection mapping sequence, interactive LED lighting and a slideshow component. A robust CMS allows for configuration on the fly and interactivity is handled through a custom web interface on any tablet. 

The final build is designed as a TouchDesigner project spanning three machines that interfaces with our custom Arduino, Projection Mapping, Slideshow and Web Server components. Content playback is handled by four projectors, a display embedded into the floor of the physical model and an Arduino for the LEDs. All visual content was created and animated in Cinema4D and output via custom template rig for projection mapping integration.

This system uses OSC to integrate into a larger showmapping software that handles system start/reboot procedures as well as trigger the raising of the model's roof via DMX.


Creative Director—Roberto Brambila
Executive Producer—Nate Barr

Development—Roberto Brambila, Ben Chaykin
Design—Roberto Brambila, Jake Wegesin
Animation—Chris Abbas, Jacob Schroads
Case Study Video Edit—Felipe Marmolejo

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