February 27, 2019

Basic notes on GLSL for designers

I figured I'd jot down a few notes that have started to help me wrap my head around how GLSL works. To be honest, I've had to reference these thoughts quite a bit because I don't work with the language consistently. The best technical reference, IMO, is still from the Book of Shaders but I hope someone finds my perspective helpful.

*Note: As part of my GLSL in TouchDesigner quick reference, this post will continue to evolve as I dive into this strange, new world.

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January 23, 2019

TouchDesigner GLSL Quick Reference

This is a handy quick-start reference for working with GLSL pixel shaders inside of TouchDesigner. I reference commonly used variables from other platforms (like ShaderToy) and explain how to set/get them in TD.

I've just started diving into the complex world of shader programming, so expect this reference to evolve over time.

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