The first independent side project I'm working on in my journey into product design is a collaboration with a developer on an iOS app. I'll be designing, developing and documenting the UX/UI process: from the mindmapping to the prototyping and testing through the initial release into the App Store. The goal is to gain practical experience and leverage that into new, exciting opportunities (call me, maybe).

Exciting caveat: Neither of us have ever developed an app or even worked in Swift/SwiftUI before. I'm an art director with a background in motion design, he's a full-stack web developer.

So, what is it?

Cycler is a minimal iPhone (+companion iWatch) app for tracking your bicycling and running workouts. It's made for you if you're looking for a simplified and efficient way to workout and document the progress.

The Development Process

The following outline, which I'll expound into individual posts, will serve as a guide for the development process. I'll be particularly focusing on the workflow, tools and thought processes behind the user experience and visual design.

I. Kickoff

Thoughts on my approach to starting this project and the brave new world of tools I'll need to learn to get started.

II. MindMapping

III. Wireframing

IV. Prototyping

V. More Wireframing

VI. Testing & Feedback

VII. Revised Prototyping

VIII. Visual Design

IX. More Testing & Feedback

X. Release 1.0